Shared Talkgroups between DMR-MARC and DMR Plus #dmr


Shared Talkgroups between DMR-MARC and DMR Plus

Talkgroup Number
Time Slot
DMRPlus Reflector NumberTalkgroup Name
13114581DMR+ Quebec (French)
13314639DMR+ USA (English)
13414380DMR+ Latin America (Spanish)
14314404DMR+ United Kingdom (English)
15314851DMR+ South Pacific (English)
316914640Midwest Regional
317214642Northeast Regional
317314643MidAtlantic Regional
317414644Southeast Regional
317514645Southern Plains Regional
317614646Southwest Regional
317714647Mountain Regional
302014590Newfoundland/PEI Provincial
302114591Nova Scotia Provincial
302214592Quebec Provincial
302314593Ontario Provincial
302414594Manitoba Provincial
302514595Saskatechewan Provincial
302614596Alberta Provincial
302714597British Columbia Provincial

New Brunswick Provincial

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